Employee Health and Safety

Company Health and Safety Induction

Please read through the following information and have in front of you your Induction training form:

Induction form - Click here


1. General

1.a. Introduction to organisation and structure: Your site supervisor or Manager will talk to you about this, your employee hand book will provide you with all information regarding standards, disciplinary procedure, holiday entitlement etc. 

1.b. Introduction to colleagues: This will happen on your first day of work , you will be given appropriate mobile numbers of staff too.

1.c. Issued with a statement of employment: This is your contract of employment and will be given to you within 8 weeks of you starting work, on condition of completing your satisfactory probationary period.

1.d. Absence procedure: Please read Chapter 1, of the Employee conduct handbook downloadable from New employee information page.

1.e. Staff Health and Safety Handbook  Must be read and then sign your declaration at the bottom of page 2 of your Induction form.

Staff Health and Safety Handbook - Click here

Staff Health and Safety Handbook - Portuguese- Click here


2. Health and safety Policies

Health and Safety Policy Statement - Staff Health and Safety Handbook page 7

Responsibilities & Duties - Staff Health and Safety Handbook pages 11 and 12

Organisational Structure - Staff Health and Safety Handbook page 9